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Quito and its historic capital

Visit the world's first UNESCO listed Site

Quito is beautifully situated amongst green hillsides 2850 m. above sea level, and is actually the highest official capital in the world. The city has a modern and a historical part, and Quito's old colonial center is the city's main attraction. Listed on UNESCO's world heritage site, the old town of Quito is the largest and most well preserved throughout South America.

La Compania, Golden church

Visit a church fully decorated with leaf gold! 

The old town is filled with churches, monasteries, museums and historic buildings. One famous street has a total of 7 churches. Visit San Francisco Church which is the oldest church in Ecuador, and Plaza de la Independencia, where both the Cathedral and the Presidential palaces are located. The highlight is the Jesuit church, La Compañía. It is among the best-known churches in Quito because of its large central nave, which is profusely decorated with gold leaf.

The middle of the world

Stand in both hemispheres on the Ecuator line 

30 min. north of Quito lies the Ecuator line. Here you get the chance to stand in the middle of the equator line, with one leg on the northern hemisphere and one on the south! Visit the 30 meter high Equatorial Monument and the Inti-ñan Museum, which showcases the Indian and pre-Colombian culture in Ecuador.

View of Quito with the El Panecillo viewing point

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